Matt Ledvina, P.E., CHMM

 For Ramsey Conservation District 


I am a person with a strong environmental ethic and I put my convictions into action.  Four years ago, I constructed a rain garden in my front yard with a capacity to accept a large amount of street drainage and I received the "Landscape Ecology Award" through the RWM Watershed District for the project. Roof drainage from my house is directed to infiltration drains to reduce runoff.  The majority of the electricity for my house is supplied by a grid-tied solar PV system.​  My recycling cart routinely has more material than my waste cart.  This year I served as a neighborhood captain for the Maplewood Energy Challenge and have implemented numerous energy savings techniques to reduce energy use and the size of the eco-footprint for my property.

I am seeking election to the Ramsey Conservation District.  We need Engineers and Scientists in planning and decision-making roles when it comes to the natural environment.  I have the technical background and real-world experience to meet this need.

Stormwater pollution is the biggest threat to the water resources in Ramsey County and our state.  The District needs to facilitate education and surface water quality improvement projects which cross City and watershed boundaries.  There is a need to implement best management practices to prevent stormwater pollution for all types of land use.  We need to protect our lakes, rivers and streams to ensure Minnesota stays on the path to a sustainable environmental future.